The Transition Partners Group, Inc. (TPG) was formed in 2006 by the founding Partners who during the course of their own careers had been through both traditional Outplacement and Executive Coaching.  Their dissatisfaction with a lack of comprehensive programs, process and results were what prompted them to create a Transition Coaching Firm.

We knew that there must be a “better way” to guide executives through transition into new a new company, role and/or industry.

Working with multiple ‘networking groups”, interviewing and counseling hundreds of executives who were frustrated with their coaching and transition process, we found that an astounding number of these executives had “dropped out” of traditional coaching programs. They “dropped out” because either the programs were not flexible enough to meet their individual needs, the coaches assigned couldn’t relate to their operational status or the coaches could not devote the time and attention they required.

As a result, the Partners created the “TPG Process”.  The TPG Process is a customized blend of assessments and education, designed specifically for that individual, administered by executives who have similar operational leadership experiences.

In 2008, TPG expanded their services to include both Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programs.

Since 2006 TPG Partners have assisted both Fortune 500 and smaller organizations with the creation, implementation and monitoring of Transition, Executive Coaching and Mentoring programs designed to increase employee commitment, development and career longevity.

While the TPG Programs are focused on Senior Executives and those employees who are “high maintenance”, TPG programs are flexible to be successful with all employees regardless of rank.