Every executive is unique and deserves a tailored transition plan.

TPG has created a unique transition process. A customized, service driven transition platform that is a dimension beyond “traditional outplacement”.

  • Every program is customized for each executive and focused on the outcome not the process
  • The executive’s individual program is a blend of education and assessments.
  • We teach the executive how to sell themselves, using a proprietary blended methodology that is not offered in traditional outplacement programs
  • The executive learns how to build their relational capital
  • Every meeting is a one-on-one session
  • We meet the executive in the location they chose that is most convenient for them
  • The TPG Partner is available for counsel 24-7-365
  • All the components of transition are delivered including:
    • Core Skill Identification
    • Resume Preparation
    • Research Techniques
    • Internet Search Methodology
    • Networking Instruction
    • How to Work with Recruiters
    • Interviewing Techniques and Practice
    • Negotiation Skills
    • The first 90 Days Plan
  • The process can be 90-180 Days or Ongoing

With 20 Partners across the U.S., TPG has nationwide reach
…..And our fees are in line with what you have been paying for the traditional outplacement services or less….!