Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Programs are customized for each executive, whether in a new position, trying to enhance leadership or relationship effectiveness, or experiencing difficulty with their current responsibilities.

Executive Coaching at TPG is a unique and customized program designed specifically to help assist you through leadership and relationship hurdles enabling you to continue your upward momentum and realize your ultimate value to your career and the company.

The program incorporates a blend of assessment and education that is personalized for each individual executive at a level beyond traditional coaching programs. It will provide you with guidance through the process and prepare you for future success. 

At TPG we use an inquiry style in which we pose questions that will challenge the individual to look deep within to find answers. This inquiry style helps the individual to uncover a unique perspective on their experience, accomplishments, values and preferences.

We blend these inquiries with guidance and insights based on our real world experience to achieve personal and professional improvement.